Monday, 7 May 2007

What to do?

Well, let's get started:

The idea exists, nothing special, but not yet very widespread on the net. Of course, it is one of these ideas that get started over a couple of beers.
The domain is secured, surprisingly it was still available and the squad is recruited, all equally keen to understand how the dynamics of the web work.

Now we need to dig into the technological and design challenges ... all the nasty start-up work before the rubber can hit the road.

Important to know: It is the plan to establish the hype without investing truck loads of money. Let's see how we will do ...

Sunday, 6 May 2007

What makes a hype?

What does it take to make a web-hype? What separates the great ideas from the great successes? Is there a repeatable pattern that can be applied to generate a hype? I want to know!I will try several things to create a web-hype, learn as I go and publish my findings here.